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CSRJobs is an international career portal for Circular, Sustainable, Regenerative and Human Rights related jobs. A career platform with opportunities for qualified professionals, senior managers and executives.

We started in 2002 to boost Accenture’s CSR program. We created and maintain this not-for-profit portal because we are committed to developing environments that enhance regenerative business models while contributing to global sustainability.

We continuously search, find, and retain the best for the better!

CSRJobs is open to job opportunities or applicants within Circular, Sustainable, Regenerative and Human Rights related environments.


In the early days, we aimed to reach 500 people to promote CSR best practices and raise funds and expertise to sponsor CSR-related projects of choice. CSRJobs on LinkedIn is our followers base, an international group of over 32.000 plus CSR professionals. Some silent attendees, other active contributors and rewarded professionals, creative brains and game changers.

Andric van Es


Share your ideas and let us know how we can support you.