Business as Unusual

Not surprisingly, the conclusions of COP28 show that the urgency to address climate change is at an all-time high. For leaders and their organisations, it’s time to align their employee strategies with a shared goal of a sustainable and resilient future.

Forward-thinking organisations and their changemakers know it and are already acting. They understand that the effects will impact their business as usual and are already adopting new strategies “to become business as unusual”.

New leaders and change makers renew the obsolete definite business strategies. They are changing the “game” by adopting an infinite business strategy, aligning innovation capability with a thriving renewal capacity, adopting regenerative leadership skills and mimicking nature’s infinite innovative intelligence.

The new leaders understand the impact of these changes on their most valuable assets, their human capital. They know that limitless business strategies require them to put people before profit and empower a regenerative mindset throughout their organisations.

For all changemakers, HR and recruitment leaders, finding the best talents will be a considerable challenge.

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