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Job Coaching & Career Counselling

Embarking on a transformative journey to elevate your career involves choosing between Job Coaching and Career Counseling. Whether you’re an experienced professional at a crossroads or a skilled newcomer navigating the early stages of your career, we recognize that seeking guidance is a crucial step towards personal growth and finding joyful fulfilment in your work life.

In those moments of contemplation about your professional path, seeking assistance is commendable. A commitment to a holistic approach and a regenerative mindset will broaden your perspectives.

Our Career Mentoring and Job Coaching Programs connect you with experienced mentors, coaches, and trainers who focus on your immediate goals and foster a holistic development that positively impacts your entire professional journey.

Understanding the intricacies of career development can be overwhelming, especially when confronted with the decision between Job Coaching and Career Counselling.

Let’s delve into the essence of each:

Career Counselling

Career counselling aims to guide you in exploring your true calling within your working habitat.

A Career Counselor is not similar to a Career mentor whose role is similar to yours and is an example and inspiration to you. Career counsellors guide you to find your purpose and added value, assist you in finding the proper working habits to thrive, and unveil potential career paths aligned with your experience, knowledge, skills, purpose, and values.

The focus extends beyond job-seeking strategies to creating a comprehensive plan that aligns with your broader life objectives.

If you yearn for a deeper understanding of your skills, talents, interests, and values, the Career Counsellor is poised to provide durable, valuable insights and guidance.

Job Coaching

Job Coaching helps you achieve specific goals within the context of exploring the opportunities in the job market and getting the job.

A Job Coach is your dedicated support for getting the job with a clear career desire and a fulfilling, valuable impact in your field.

Our Job Coaching expertise extends beyond getting the job by making it a personal success to contribute positively to the broader professional ecosystem. We review and refine your skills, enhance your brand, and guide you towards a career that fulfils your aspirations and contributes meaningfully to the industry.


How to Choose

Choosing between a Job Coach and Career Counseling becomes a conscious decision based on your needs and aspirations.

A Career Counsellor is your ideal guide if you’re contemplating a profound career change or seeking a more profound understanding of your professional identity and professional purpose. A career counselor is a perfect match if you are not entirely content in your current role and aspire to contribute regeneratively by purpose, added value, and progress.

Job Coaching

2 unique online participative coaching sessions.

Review your job history

Discover your Why, What and How

Discover your natural Habitat

Refresh your resume and create your future intendulum

Write your compelling career story

Personal Branding


Private coach and 210 minutes one-on-one, online coaching.

Approximately 4 hours of self-work.

Written feedback per session

€ 360-

Extended Job Coaching

4 unique online participative extended coaching sessions.

Review your job history

Discover your Why, What and How

Discover you natural Habitat

Refresh your resume and create your future intendulum

Write your compelling career story

Become more aware of who you are and what you want

Leveraging your contacts for Impact

Create a targeted future employer shortlist

Progress journal

Application process support


Private coach, and 270 minutes one on one online coaching.

Approximately 12 hours of self-work

Oral and written feedback per session

€ 480,-

The right Fit

Uncertain about the right fit?

Please schedule an appointment with our Career Services, where we’ll help you navigate the choices. We love to be of service.

Our Career Services empowers you with a holistic, solution-oriented approach focusing on immediate and long-term outcomes. By embracing a regenerative mindset, we aim to guide you towards a career that uplifts your professional journey and contributes positively to the broader professional ecosystem.

As you join our program, you’ll witness tangible improvements in your career and gain awareness, knowledge and tools to contribute meaningfully, taking your success beyond personal achievements to a regenerative impact on the professional landscape.

Elevate your career with our Career Counselling and Job Coaching services, where we cultivate success with a holistic approach and a regenerative mindset.

Trial session

Not entirely convinced, jet? Book a trial coaching session. We are honoured to help you to succeed. Register for a 40-minute session (89,- *) to make your application process successful.

The 40 minutes will help you to:
Get a perspective on your career goals and objectives.
Gain insights on the challenges ahead and how to turn your aspirations into an actionable plan.
Explore your objectives
Understanding the expected pitfalls

* If you are happy with the trial and like to proceed, we will refund the cost of the trial.

Book your trial session