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Career Services

With four personalised counselling and coaching sessions, you gain the confidence and clarity you need to achieve your career goals. A dedicated coach and access to counselling experts the Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Rights and Sustainability.

Career Coach or Career Counsel, what’s the difference. Find out here

The goal of these services is to empower you as a professional by helping you make informed decisions about your trajectory. It’s a hand on a solution-based approach to your career decisions. We focus on results, actions and accountability

You will

  • Increase confidence in selling yourself
  • Understand and find your target market
  • Leverage your contacts for impact
  • Break down the job hunt process into a clear action plan
  • Define and sell your relevant skills
  • Build a compelling CV around achievements
  • Write a cover letter that wins them over
  • Market your personal brand to new audiences

You will also…

  • Improve the effectiveness of your CV and cover letter
  • Writing ‘skills-based accomplishment statements’ instead of boring responsibilities
  • Articulate your top 5 skills and expertise with confidence
  • Leverage your LinkedIn Profile

Invest in yourself and your career with four sessions of personalized, in-depth coaching. Get started today.

Career Services

Four sessions with an experienced career consultant € 850,=

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