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Coethica is run by David Connor who focuses on sharing award winning CSR strategies, products and business plans. He also specialises in creating campaigns to improve content and engagement.David offers insightful and meaningful blog entries for his readers.  Follow David on Twitter.


Aman Singh is a young mum who is really active in the CSR world and also regularly posts on Twitter. As a CSR professional and social media strategist she attends many conferences, meetings and participates in numerous CSR and sustainability related projects.


Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Sage is a blog run by David Chandler and is centered on the ethical and social implications of emerging CSR practice. David believes that the most important issue for a company looking to adopt CSR policies is to truly understand what the philosophy stands for.


Crane and Matten blog: Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten are professors at the Schulich School of Business (York University located here in Toronto). They manage to offer a blog that’s both accessible and yet solidly academic. You can read this blog with confidence, knowing that the perspectives and insights are well informed.


Elaine Cohen Is the founding manager of Beyond Business Ltd (www.b-yond.biz), a social and environmental business consulting firm, specializing in CSR strategy and roadmap development, implementation of CSR processes and sustainability reporting in all its forms. Her blog is mostly about reporting but also about icecream. Follow Elaine on Twitter 


Ethics Sage is published by Dr. Steven M. Mintz, who holds a PhD and is a professor of accounting specializing in ethics.


CSR and the Law provides updates regarding controversial issues in relation to labor rights, and legal issues about transparency and supply chains. It also provides commentary about development in Corporate Finance & Securities practice.


Mallen Baker: This site is a staple for anyone doing anything with CSR. This blog is run by Mallen Baker, a CSR columnist and the head of a CSR digital agency Daisywheel. He is a CSR professional who has lead the Business Impact Review Group, and implemented frameworks that companies still used today. Mr Baker knows what he’s talking about – and he’s talking about pretty much everything CSR. Follow Mallen on Twitter.

CSR International:
Anyone interested in CSR will eventually come across Wayne Visser, a professor of CSR at Cambridge, and the founder of CSR International. He is very active in the field, and offers a unique and candid voice on the topic. Follow Wayne on Twitter.


James is an entrepreneur who believes in the power of businesses to actively solve social and environmental problems. This belief is reflected in his company, which is the manufacturer of Australia’s first range of organic snacks for kids and a certified B Corporation. Furthermore, his blog provides insight into the philosophy of conscious capitalism and what it is to be a B Corporation.


The Business Ethics Blog: Chris MacDonald teaches philosophy at Saint Mary’s University in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Recently we got together and hosted a tweetup here in Toronto. His is a well written and insightful blog, rounding out the issues of CSR by looking at things from the perspective of ethics. Follow Chris on Twitter.


Mark and Debbie Griffiths are the founders of Ideal Worldsmiths, an organization of people who use the power of the written word to spread awareness about sustainability.


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