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How to Apply

How to Apply

Most jobs on our job portal offer two options to apply. Two different application routes (workflows). A direct route that is stored in your dashboard and an indirect route by your own choice. Here is where we explain the differences.

When viewing the job add you will see an “Apply For Job” button (top of the page) and a “How to Apply” section (on the bottom of the page).

Apply For Job button
Apply Button

The “apply for job” button is a direct route to apply for the job. Sometimes this route will again offer you two options apply by “email” and or apply by “resume”. Some times only one option is given. The job owner (the employer) decides which options will be provided to you.

The advantages of the direct routes are that they are stored in your Dashboard. You can review them, follow up response and resume them if required.

If you choose direct route “the apply by resume” you are requested to submit your “listed” resume. This is only possible if you have subscribed to CSRJobs and submitted your resume. If you have a listed a resume just apply if you don’t have a resume listed on CSRJobs you will be requested to submit one before you apply.

If you choose to apply by email. Just follow the instructions. Both workflows and routes will be stored in your dashboard.

2. How to Apply section

Apply section

In the How to Apply section you will find a describes on how to apply. You will find this at the bottom of the job add. This is the indirect route. Most of the time an email address is provided that you can use  (copy) in your mail program to address your application. Sometimes it also provides an URL (link) that will link to an external website (application) page.

Submit your resume.
This is the easiest and most convenient way for your application process. To submit your resume please follow this link.