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Social Targetting

How to overcome the challanges in atracting the right candidates

Recruiting qualified and motivated applicants is a real challenge, indeed. The five most common recruiting challenges and solutions to overcome them:


Attracting the right candidates

The best way to hire the right people is often from a smaller pipeline of more qualified talent. Especially if you’ve ever tried to discover the right candidate in a pool of unqualified talent, you’ll know that your options are limited. You’ll choose the best person you can find at the time—not the best fit for the job. So focus on the best pipeline and target your candidates precisely.


Engaging qualified candidates

Put extra effort into persuading passive candidates to apply and to choose your company over your competitors. Qualified candidates with public profiles are often and regularly contacted by eager recruiters, making it harder for your efforts to stand out. In addition, candidates with hard-to-find skills often considering several job offers simultaneously, even when only passively searching for new opportunities. So, target the best possible match on the active and, more importantly, in-active candidates and research what motivates them to respond.


Using data-driven recruitment at first

Better decisions are made with better information at hand. You can use recruitment data and metrics to improve the recruiting process and make more informed decisions constantly. Targeting candidates based on the right dataset per recruiting channel is essential for the quality, speed of attraction and amount of response, bringing down the cost to hire


Ensuring a good candidate experience

The best way you treat your applicants during the hiring process will reflect the perception of how you’ll treat them after hiring. Any intervention that prevents delays during a joyous process will result in a positive, more encouraged, happy sign-on, better employment branding and optimised referrals for future hires. Make sure your personal “customer applicant service” is always outstanding and outperforms any of your competitors.


Hiring fast

Look at your hiring process and analyse: what hiring steps can be shortened, and are all steps the hiring stages required? Are you targeting suitable profiles at the right places, and do you communicate clearly and quickly with candidates and within the hiring team? What is your optimised and realistic timeline to target, attract and hire?


New and Tested

New and tested techniques can support you in finding, attracting and hiring your recruits fast and effective through our Social Targeting services.

Social Targeting Candidates

10+  qualified, targeted, engaging, motivated applicants within 3 weeks.

Recruiting suitable candidates who add value to your business at a fraction of the costs in no time by using the most advance and best Social Targeting tools for Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram

Success rates

1 %
Success rate

Professional Targeting

Job function-specific candidates, with segmented specifics like jopb type, title, region, education level, age, experience, certifications, networks and related work experience.

Industry Targeting

Undustry-specific candidates, targeted in specific knowlegde areas’s regenerative agriculture, consultancy, Education, Finance, Government, Human Rights.


The most successfull targeting is re-targeting your (known) audience based on unique content delivery on actions they have taken with your brand and online presence.

Cost per Hire

Most often, depending on the level and profile scarecity, on average euro 4500,-per new hire.

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