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Sustainability recruitment

Plant growSustainable recruitment is a powerful tool for competing with businesses today. The most successful companies are adopting new techniques, ones that sustainability recruitment targets.

If you don’t want to get left behind, then this article is made for you.


What is Sustainability?

To grasp the often confusing concept of sustainability, here is a general definition. Sustainability is the state where an activity or process can continue indefinitely, either maintaining or improving.

Sustainability in business refers to optimizing practices and policies so they will be most efficient. These practices might span hiring, materials use, energy use, productivity, or any function in the business that impacts cost. Many businesses care about sustainability because their owners are concerned about the business’ impact on the environment or because their customers are concerned. Most businesses today care about sustainability because of its relevance to costs and competition. A non-sustainable company will not be able to compete with a comparable sustainable business.

No matter the motivation, sustainability concepts, and strategies mix business sustainability, social responsibility and environmental sustainability because the three can’t really be separated. If waste and inefficiency are impacting the planet, it is also affecting businesses and personal wellbeing.


What is sustainability recruitment?

Sustainability recruitment is a strategy of hiring with sustainability in mind.

Sustainability recruiters concern themselves with building networks of sustainable companies and candidates, utilizing techniques to create the most lasting and productive hire, building an employer brand centring on sustainability, and helping businesses plan their sustainability goals.


Sustainable recruiters

Sustainable recruiters are maintaing a network of sustainability experts and professionals working around the globe in all sectors.

They can connect you to any type of job or to any type of employee you need for your sustainability goals. Whether that is a personal objective or a business strategy the recruiters are in the centre of employees and jobs specialized in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), whether they’ll be a business, a nonprofit, or a government agency.

Weinreb Group are sustainability recruiters, and they have the following to say about themselves: Weinreb Group is an executive search firm dedicated to recruiting Chief Sustainability Officers, ESG leaders, and senior sustainability

A list of Sustainable Recruiters and job sites:

CSRJobs is an international career portal and job listing site specialized in Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights related jobs for the private, public and NGO sectors.

The Sustainable Recruiter offers recruitment services to organisations that are transparent about the effects that they have on the world. All our clients are involved in sustainability, to minimize the harm on the planet.

Weinreb Group is an executive search firm dedicated to recruiting Chief Sustainability Officers, ESG leaders, and senior sustainability professionals.

BSR  is an organization of sustainable business experts that works with its global network of the world’s leading companies to build a just and sustainable world.

ACRE  sustainability and safety recruitment for over 15 years, Acre has built a community of talented, dedicated professionals who daily create social and environmental value, while promoting good business.

Greenbiz is a centre for information and insights on all aspects of CSR and sustainability. They have a strong green and sustainability jobs board (US only).

Net Impact is a leading global members’ organisation for students and professionals in social and environmental sustainability. Register as a free member to access their jobs board (US and UK).

The Guardian:  is one of the leading newspapers in the UK and their jobs website has separate listings for sustainability and CSR jobs (UK, US and International).

Just Means  was recently bought by 3BLMedia – a CSR/sustainability communications organisation. There are few jobs currently listed, but this may well grow in the coming months (US and UK).

Globethics  Globethics is a hub for responsible leadership. Their extensive CSR jobs board lists opportunities across a range of topics and sectors (US, UK and International).


Sustainable jobs

There are many Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) job types, also referred to as integrated value specialities, throughout the industry. They represent more than green jobs where the emphasis is ecologically sound jobs. Green jobs are partially the result of sustainability and integrated values. A Sustainability or CSR job can be anything as long as they contribute to a sustainable world and or are practised in a social responsibility context.

Apart from the sustainability recruiters and job titles, it’s crucial to bear in mind that sometimes we don’t have to look for a 100% sustainability focused job. The fact is that sustainability, and social responsibility jobs, more than a role or something specific, are about the mindset and a way of living and working. So whatever role you think of, it’s likely you can perform it adopting more sustainable behaviours or practices and without having to abruptly change jobs.

For instance, if an architect has in mind the principles of the circular economy, they will design plants that allow buildings to be easily re-purposed. A bike repair shop can do recycling properly and run a campaign to encourage locals to ride bikes more often and contribute to cleaner air.
Someone working at a bank can try to raise internal awareness of the importance of sustainable finance and sustainable investing. The point is: if the mindset is there, it doesn’t matter what your job is – there’s always space to implement more sustainable practices – if only the context allows it too.


Sustainability recruitment agencies

If you have come here looking for a specialized agency to handle all the above mentioned, we got you.


After The Hire

Retention is king in sustainability recruiting. These recruiters employ strategies to find the most successful match for a job and then check back, usually in 90 days, to make sure the hire is working as intended.

Sustainability recruiters teach employers how to use their new sustainability candidates for maximum benefit.

Sustainable recruitment combines making the most compatible hire and then maintaining an environment that nurtures that hire through the long term. It requires both efforts to keep employees and help them be as productive as possible.

Ellen Weinreb, CEO of the Weinreb Group and one of the most prominent people in sustainability recruitment, described here strategy on greenbiz.com:

Sustainability professionals can be categorized into three tiers. The first tier is the head of sustainability or the chief sustainability officer.

The second tier is those who directly report to the sustainability chief within the sustainability office. On average, ahead of sustainability has four direct reports, leaving the sustainability office with a mere five employees.

That’s a lean organization to influence change and implement a broad range of sustainability initiatives.

Beyond sustainability, the office is the third tier. We call this layer the ‘Sustainability Embeds.’ they do not work for the sustainability office, yet they are integrated and embedded into other business units.

This is where we see the most growth, plus a formalization of how that embedded layer integrates with the sustainability office via governance structures and dotted line reporting.



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